All About Me

I am a Wedding Photographer in Bristol, but there’s so much more…

I’m married to my very patient wife and we have the best little boy in the world. He makes me proud every single day and melts my heart when he calls me mummy.  My wife and I have been married for four years and had a very fun, relaxed and unique wedding. We were married on a ship (we met there as well) and had our reception in a marquee in a field in the middle of nowhere. We had a fish and chip van, ice cream van, hog roast, a bring your own bar and decorate our wedding cake competition. Yep we let our guests decorate our wedding cake, on the day! It was so much fun and highly recommend it.

Ten facts about me:


I have size 1 feet. Yep you heard me right! My son’s feet are going to overtake mine soon! My wedding shoes were hand made and cost more than my wedding dress as a result. Bloody love then though and would wear them every day if I could!


I love the game ticket to ride. I can’t remember having won a game against my family, yet! I will do one day.


I love purple. In fact, I’m obsessed with it. I would surround myself with it all day everyday if I could.


Another love of mine is dinosaurs. My poor son is kitted out in clothes with dinosaurs on almost every day, I have no idea if he likes them, he’s too young to have a choice at the moment. This is me on the left with my wife and our son. He was still a baby here but is now an awesome 2 year old who is amazing me everyday with what he can do.


I hate having my photo taken (unless it is a selfie) so I really do know what you mean when you tell me you also don’t like it. Here is a selfie of me when I was a guest at a wedding! This doesn’t happen very often.


I’m not really a fan of chocolate (unless it’s cake, chocolate wedding cake is even better!), I could happily live off sweets. I can’t remember the last time I had a caffeinated drink and when pregnant my son turned me vegan! I never had food cravings, only food aversions, I’ve since realised I like meat a lot but there are some amazing vegan meals out there and I need my decaff vanilla latte’s.


I moved to Bristol on a whim and had never visited the city before. Turned out to be the best thing I ever did. I met my wife here and now have the best life I could imagine.


I learnt photography the old fashion way with black and white film and hand developing my own film and prints. Truly the best way to learn and I do miss the darkroom. I love black and white for the art, but wedding photography needs colour! Although you will find a few black and white photos in your selection.



I love to capture selfies of my family and my love extends to your wedding day. Don’t be surprised if I find some creative ways to take a selfie.


I have a passion for helping the environment. I make my own cleaning products at home (I’m happy to pass on some recipes – they really work), I’ve got our household landfill waste down to one bag a fortnight and re-use where possible. Most of the toys and clothes our son has is second hand, I love the fact that the items are getting some more love rather than sitting in a landfill. I’m currently on a journey to try and make our household as zero waste as possible and I’ve just bought a book on how to make our own cosmetics so I’m very excited to start trying that.

If you like what you have seen so far…

Why not take a look at my galleries, or if you would like to have a chat – why not contact me and we can go get a lovely (decaff for me) coffee and discuss your perfect day!

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